Merryl Neille

Professional Flutist
Doctor of Music


My studio is my pride and joy. I love each and every one of my students and strive to foster their love for the flute and encourage a life journey with the flute. The following are details about things to expect when joining my studio:

  1. Practice makes perfect. Please respect yourself and your art enough to take time every day for practice. This is, after all, what you love!
  2. Record your lessons as well as practice sessions and performances. It is important to document your progress.
  3. Play with others. I encourage you to form chamber groups with your friends and explore the wonders of creating sound together. This doesn't always even necessarily have to stick within the confines of a specific genre. Experiment with jazz, folk, rock whatever is YOUR thing. Just play and find a way to absolutely love what you do. 
  4. Own your playing. I can only guide you, you have to do the work. And it is work, but the reward is so, so worth every ounce of effort.

I welcome prospective students to my studio and look forward to having the honour of sharing your journey with the beautiful instrument that is the flute!