Merryl Neille

Professional Flutist
Doctor of Music

I love to share what I have learned from my various teachers and masters over the years. It is wonderful how each of us as flute teachers have gathered our own unique blend of learnings into a teaching style that is truly our own. 

In my teaching, I have my students fill out a focus sheet that helps them think about areas of their playing that they wish to work on. This helps students clarify their goals and allows me to choose the appropriate etudes and exercises to meet their needs. It is important to me that my students form a clear understanding of how to produce "their sound" from the beginning. Very similar to the voice, the sound that we produce on our flutes is personal and no two flute sounds are the same. While our sound evolves and changes with us, there are key ways to understand how to produce our optimal tone. And this is the most important part of flute playing. 

As a traverso player, I love teaching baroque music. It is wonderful to see the process of modern flute players starting to sound like baroque flutists as they incorporate the principles of historical performance practice. It is important to me to help create well-rounded, thinking and individual flutists.